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Paternity Testing: Can It Be Done Without Your Partner's Knowledge?

In cases of doubt within a couple, one partner may question their paternity of their partner's child or vice versa. Conducting a DNA test is the best solution to dispel any misunderstanding. Here's an overview of what you need to know to proceed legally.

Every individual has the right to know the truth as long as it respects the rights of others. From the moment your request for a DNA test does not fall within the legal framework, you have the right to carry out a home sample collection on your minor child. This means that you will not be able to use the analysis results we provide to initiate a court procedure for recognition or contestation of paternity, for example.

Regarding the consent of the mother, you are also not required to obtain it. Whether in a relationship or legally married or in a civil union, you still exercise joint parental authority, so you are the legal guardian of your child. Your signature on the consent form will suffice. However, if you wish to involve the mother, you are perfectly entitled to do so. It is therefore your responsibility to inform her of the steps you are taking.

Of course, if you decide to do it without the mother's knowledge, measures will be taken to ensure the utmost discretion around your identity and your request. As professionals in the medical scientific field, our partners, as well as ourselves, are obliged to respect the principle of professional secrecy.

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